Laura Addari is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Italy, she's graduated

in Art and Design at IUAV University of Venice. 

She's passionate about art, visual design, illustration and typography, she likes

to experiment different languages, from digital to collage and hand drawing.

She has huge curiosity about history of art and design and at the same time she's 

always looking for new graphics solutions.

Her knowledge covers different skills in graphic design, illustration, brand identity,

editorial and book design, printing, typography, packaging, exhibition design, 

digital media, web design, infographic, data visualization, photography and more.

She also realizes collage and paintings, and her work is somewhere between art 

and illustration, a combination of painting, collage and found ephemera. She 

loves to tell little stories inspired by different fields from literature and daily life.




Laura Addari è una graphic designer e illustratrice laureata presso l'Università

di Arti e Design IUAV di Venezia.

Appassionata di arte, design, illustrazione e tipografia ama sperimentare diversi

linguaggi dal digitale all'analogico.

Le sue conoscenze sono inerenti il graphic design, l'illustrazione, l'infografica, 

il web design, la tipografia e il lettering.




2014 Hiii Illustration Award 

2011 Colomba Art Prize 

2010 Great Book of Graphic Arts 




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