• Packaging kid

    Diesel, 2013 Packaging proposal for Diesel Kids, composed of three boxes that assembled together create a totem of colorful weird animals
  • Thesis project

    IUAV Faculty of Design and Arts The thesis project comes to the need to create a corporate image for the
  • X Book

    X Workshop - 2013 Castrignano Dé Greci During the Workshop "X" under the guidance of the designer Mauro Bubbico and Saki
  • Handmade alphabet

    Workshop of Visual Communication 2012, IUAV Alphabet and Fanzine realized during the Visual Communication workshop held by Katerina Dolejšová. Positive/negative
  • Eco Fashion

    Illustration on fashion sustainability and ecology
  • Graphic Identity

    Graphic identity of the exhibition "L'Italia intatta di Gennaro Della Monica" Palazzo Reale, Milan Graphic identity of the exhibition "L'Italia
  • Tipomundi - cartographic typeface

    IUAV 2011 Workshop on typography with LUCIANO PERONDI Tipomundi is the typeface developed by the team of IUAV students, It's
  • Book Cover

    Illustration for the cover of the book "I Donchisciotte del tavolino" by Isabella Zanni Rosiello published by Viella Editions, 2014
  • Diesel preview collection agenda

    Diesel 2014 Agenda realized for the presentation of the new collection Spring/Summer 2015. All events are organized day by day,
  • Poster Diesel Dna Reevolution

        Diesel 2014 Proposal for typographical poster for retail of the collection D.N.A. Reevolution
  • Diesel vip sale invitation

      Diesel 2014 Invitation for the spring/summer 2014 collection
  • Museum Website

    Thesis project, IUAV 2015 Design of the website for the museum complex of Teramo, the website refers to the different
  • Annual Report

    Annual Report Ideogramma Studio For the Annual report of Banca Farmafactoring, I realized with Monica Giorgetta and the team of
  • Marcatre overview

    IUAV Faculty of design and art, 2011 Team work conducted with Professor Carlo Vinti, on the graphic design of Marcatre,
  • Folk illustrations

        Set of folk icons and illustrations  
  • Point of view

    IUAV Faculty of Design and Arts of Venice, 2012 Fanzine realized during the Visual Communication workshop at IUAV with Katerina
  • Food Infographic

      "What we are eating"  Infographic about food habits around the world  
  • Istanbul hats

      Istanbul Hats Line illustration where Istanbul's domes turns into hats
  • Diesel kid retail display

            Diesel Kid, 2014 Set of hand lettering display for the retail Diesel kid. 

Sono una Visual Designer freelance con base a Milano, laureata in Comunicazione Visiva

e Multimediale presso lo IUAV di Venezia, con esperienza nel campo della grafica per stampa

e digitale. Realizzo con passione progetti di comunicazione dal graphic design all'illustrazione,

in particolare mi occupo di logo e immagine coordinata, restyling, brochure, depliant, poster,

locandine, inviti, cataloghi, presentazioni, web design. 

© 2017 Laura Addari